Balloon Boat
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Balloon Boat

$10.00 CAD $12.00 CAD

One of our most popular toys, the Balloon Boat is perfect for bath-time.

So simple to use, just blow the balloon up through the exhaust jet at the back of the toy. Block the exhaust jet with your finger, float it on the water, release.

Watch it zip across the water like a jet boat! Comes with a post to attach a bow line to secure the boat (or pull the boat back to you if you are playing in open water or to pull it back from the far end of the tub)

Want a different balloon colour, shape or size, no problem. You can replace the included balloon with any balloon with a standard-sized opening.

The Balloon Boat comes in unfinished wood with no paint, stains or toxic finish. Just leave it to dry on the side of the tub when bathtime is done.

A wonderful alternative to plastic bathtub toys, the durable and solid design of the Balloon Boat means it will keep on floating and is ready for years of play.