Mouse & Cheese
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Mouse & Cheese

$10.00 CAD

Mouse & Cheese is great for developing hand-eye coordination in babies and very young children.

One of our most popular toys and a Best Seller, the Mouse & Cheese is perfect for your baby or toddler. This learning toy helps your child develop hand-eye coordination as they move the "mouse" through the "cheese".

The repetition of the simple actions of threading and unthreading this toy helps to build critical neural pathways which will become the basis for future complex actions. As things progress, children start making patterns with the lace across the "cheese".

This simple toy allows your child to build a lot of skills for things to come. Also, because this toy is unfinished wood, it is safe for them to chew on.

This is a very sturdy toy which can be passed from child-to-child and from generation-to-generation.