Thorpe Toys


$20.00 CAD

Our wooden Showboat toy is styled after the steam-powered riverboats of old that paddled their way up and down large lakes and rivers.

Powered by a replaceable rubber band, just like traditional paddleboat toys, this toy boat will propel itself through the water when you wind up the paddle wheel,
put it in the water, and let it go.

The traditional design, with paddle-assembly, cabin with portholes and two smoke stacks, makes this retro toy perfect for fun stories and imaginative play in the tub.

Made with unfinished wood with no paint, stains or toxic finish, this handcrafted wooden boat is a wonderful alternative to plastic bathtub toys. The durable and solid design of this wooden Showboat means it will keep on floating and is ready for years of play. The elastic can be replaced if needed to keep your paddle boat paddling.

Will your riverboat leisurely travel the tub, or will your paddle steamer be fighting its way up a mighty, mighty kiddy pool?

Wind it up, put it in water and watch it go!