Train Engine Whistle
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Train Engine Whistle

$17.00 CAD $20.00 CAD

This two-tone train whistle mimics the classic sound of a steam train whistle and designed to look just like a steam train engine, complete with moving wheels.

This is one of the most popular toys and a Best Seller as well. 

But is it a toy train with a train whistle built-in?
Or is it a train whistle that's also a wooden toy train?
Either way, it's just plain cool.

This whistle has a very mellow sound, accomplished with two sound chambers of different lengths. No sharp notes, just the low soothing sound of a steam train whistle.

Our wooden toys are heirloom-quality and built to last. Durable and sturdy, this train engine whistle can be passed from child-to-child and from generation-to-generation.